The purpose of this policy is to explain to users of this website how cookies are used on the site, the options for controlling the use of cookies and what cookies are used. 


This policy applies to the cookies used on this website 


The following terms are used throughout this policy and are defined as follows:

“Cookie” – Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer by the websites that you visit. They are used in order to make websites work, to provide features, or to work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owner of the site such as pages visited, number of visitors etc. Some cookies also enable the display of relevant advertising when you move from site to site. 

“We/us/our” – refers to AT Global Markets (UK) Ltd, the owner of this website registered  1st Floor, 32 Cornhill, London EC3V 3SG, United Kingdom with company registration number 760555.

“Personal data” – is any information which can directly or indirectly identify a living person.

“First Party Cookie” – this is a cookie that is controlled by us

“Third Party Cookie” – this is a cookie provided by a third party e.g. Google Analytics for which we have no control over

“Session” – If a cookie does not contain an expiration date, it is considered a session cookie. Session cookies are stored in memory and never written to disk. When the browser closes, the cookie is permanently lost from this point on.

“Persistent” – these cookies stay in one of your browser’s subfolders until you delete them manually or your browser deletes them based on the duration period contained within the persistent cookie’s file


We use the following types of cookie on our website:

Necessary Cookies – These cookies are necessary for the operation of our site. They don’t access or store any personal data. Our website cannot function without these cookies so they are, by default switched on. 

You can manage cookies in your browser (see browser settings in section X) Your choices will include the ability to switch off cookies completely and removing cookies by deleting them when you leave our site. If you do switch cookies off you may find problems with the operation of our website. 

Analytics Cookies – These cookies allow us to analyse website use such as which pages are most popular and how visitors move around the site. The information collected does not directly identify any individuals. 

You can control whether you want to accept the use of these cookies via the cookie consent options on the website. 

Functionality Cookies – These cookies allow us to recognise you when you return to our website. They enable us to personalise content for you and remember preferences you may have set on your last visit. 

You can control whether you want to accept the use of these cookies via the cookie consent options on the website. 

Performance/statistics cookies – These cookies collect information about how you use our website (e.g. which Internet browser you use, how often you visit our website, which pages you open, or how long you stay on our website). These cookies do not store any information that enables visitors to be personally identified. The information collected with the help of these cookies is aggregated, and thus anonymous.

Marketing Cookies – these cookies allow us to provide personalised and relevant services or advertising to our visitors, and to assess the effectiveness of our digital marketing activities. We also use these cookies to enable third party ‘plug-ins’ like social media sharing and like buttons. They also enable us to play video content. 

You can control whether you want to accept the use of these cookies via the cookie consent options on the website.



elementoratfxconnect.comThe website’s WordPress theme uses this cookie. It allows the website owner to implement or change the website’s content in real-time.


demdex.demdex.netThe demdex cookie, set under the domain, is used by Adobe Audience Manager to help identify a unique visitor across domains.
s_cc.atfxconnect.comAdobe Analytics sets this cookie to determine whether or not cookies are enabled in the user’s browser.


dextp.demdex.netAudience Manager sets this cookie to record when the last data synchronization call was made.
PugT.pubmatic.comPubMatic sets this cookie to check when the cookies were updated on the browser in order to limit the number of calls to the server-side cookie store.

5.4 Marketing Cookies

everest_g_v2.everesttech.netThe cookie is set under the domain to map clicks to other events on the client’s website.
dpm.dpm.demdex.netThe dpm cookie, set under the Demdex domain, assigns a unique ID to each visiting user, hence allowing third-party advertisers to target these users with relevant ads. sets this cookie to determine if the user’s browser supports cookies.
CMID.casalemedia.comCasale Media sets this cookie to collect information on user behaviour for targeted advertising.
CMPS.casalemedia.comCasaleMedia sets CMPS cookie for anonymous user tracking based on users’ website visits to display targeted ads.
CMPRO.casalemedia.comCasaleMedia sets CMPRO cookie for anonymous usage tracking and targeted advertising.
uuid2.adnxs.comThe uuid2 cookie is set by AppNexus and records information that helps differentiate between devices and browsers. This information is used to pick out ads delivered by the platform and assess the ad performance and its attribute payment.
anj.adnxs.comAppNexus sets the anj cookie that contains data stating whether a cookie ID is synced with partners.
KRTBCOOKIE_*.pubmatic.comPubmatic sets this cookie to register a unique ID that identifies the user’s device during return visits across websites that use the same ad network.
everest_session_v2.everesttech.netThis cookie, set by Everesttech, is used for targeted ads and to document efficacy of each individual ad.

5.5 Performance/statistics Cookies

AMCV_*AdobeOrg.atfxconnect.comAdobe-Dtm sets this cookie to find the unique user ID that recognises the user on returning visits.
AMCVS_*AdobeOrg.atfxconnect.comAdobe-Dtm sets this cookie to store a unique ID to identify a unique visitor.

5.6 Other

atfx_visitorwww.atfxconnect.comNo description
TEST_AMCV_COOKIE_WRITE.atfxconnect.comNo description


As well as setting cookie preferences using the cookie settings options when you visit the website, you can also control cookie settings in your browser. How to control cookies for some of the most common browsers are detailed below:

Google Chrome


Safari (Mac)

Safari (iPhone/iPad) 

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge 


You can opt out of anonymous tracking from third party analytics cookies by clicking on the links of our service providers here:

Google Analytics:


If you would like any further information about the use of cookies on this website, please contact us at [email protected] 

Please also see our privacy notice here


We may make changes to this policy from time to time and the latest version of the policy will always be displayed on our website. You should check this policy from time to time to see any updates.  This policy was last updated on 09/09/2021