ATFX Connect

ATFX Connect is a robust, market-leading institutional platform, providing access to tier 1 bank and non-bank liquidity. We offer competitive spreads, low latency, white label capability and multiple platform access.

 Utilising the latest HTML5 standards and protocols ensure that the user interface is one that is seamless and effective. Simplicity, speed, reliability, and adaptability, make ATFX Connect one of the industry’s premier platforms.

Features of ATFX Connect

  • Accessible P+L Blotter
  • API
  • One integration across multiple sources
  • Desktop GUI
  • Availability of bid/offer ladder
  • Webtrader
  • Tracking exposure enabled in real time
  • One Zero Bridge
  • Quick order entry
  • ATFX Connect Order Management System and Price Distribution Hub
  • Centralised margin across all venues
  • ATFX Connect Price Engine
  • Multi-platform offering