Macro-News round-up:


  • We start an extremely important week for the market, but with a quiet Monday in terms of macroeconomic data.
  • On Tuesday, we will have the UK unemployment rate, the ZEW economic confidence indicators for Germany and Europe, as well as the US CPI inflation rate.
  • On Wednesday, the UK will publish its GDP growth rate, industrial production and trade balance. China will also release new corporate credit issuance. Most importantly, however, is the release of US PPI and the Federal Reserve’s rate decision.
  • On Thursday, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the European Union will publish their interest rate decisions. We will have a speech by Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB, and retail sales and jobless claims in the United States.
  • On Friday, we will close the week with China’s industrial production and unemployment rate and PMI data for Europe and the US.
  • As interesting points to comment on. The latest meeting of the Chinese Communist Party on the review of the economy, has determined its commitment to strengthen and expand domestic demand, strengthen foreign investment and foreign trade, and create a circle between consumption and investment that is able to feed back.
  • Meanwhile, the European Union is meeting on December 14 and 15 to discuss the approval of new funds for Ukraine. 50 billion in aid, 20 billion to the Ukrainian army and to start the process of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. As a reminder, the former president of the European Commission was recently quoted as saying that Ukraine could not be part of the European Union because of the extremely high level of corruption in the country.
  • On Friday, in the U.S., the Republican Party voted against a $60 billion aid package to Ukraine proposed by the Biden administration.